The best representation i could find of an Anati. (Female)

Species Overview

Homeworld: Anatia.

Home system: Anatia.

Home galaxy: Milky Way.

Current population: 26,289,345.

Primary language: Anati.

Major planets: Anatia, Korina, Beralk 5, Lindal.

Affiliation: Anati.

Current status: Thriving space kingdom.


The Anati race has a semi recorded history going back to about 9600 B.C.


The Anati are a reptilian species that developed on a very dangerous planet that is filled with rainforests and jungles. The Anati are designed for hot and humid weather, and possess 2-4 cm thick thick scaly hides and bone spikes protruding from their spinal column, and males have them on their head and snout. These are for protection from the powerful predators of Anatia. Anati also have fangs for chewing and fangs that inject venom. Anati venom can be quite lethal, and it contains chemicals that cause extreme pain to most nervous systems. They have powerful jaws, a bite pressure of roughly 500-1000 pounds per square inch, but rely more on their venom. A Hyena or Lions bite force is 1000 pounds P.S.I, a Grizzly bears is 1200 P.S.I. Physicaly, they stand about 5 feet tall but are stockier then a Human. They are around three to four times stronger then a Human male. They are not as fast as a Hork-Bajir or good at climbing but can swim very well despite their muscle mass.

Anati have two hearts, one were a Humans liver would be and another were the pancreas would be. They also have two stomachs, and can store up fat in their tails for times of famine.

Healthy Anati blood is deep red, more of a purple really, because of its being very rich in oxygen. It becomes red or blue when oxygen levels begin to drop in an Anati's erythrocytes. Anati recquire a more oxygen rich atmosphere then Humans or Andalites.