Planetary Overview
Type: Earth type world (type M)
Star/stars: Three suns. One type G, one white Dwarf, one red star.
Moons: Four moons. One M class, one K class, two D class.
Other planets: Eight. Four type J, One type H, One type K,two type D.
Location: Milkyway/Quadrant one
Sentients: Andalites

Andal is the Andalite homeworld. The best places to live are close to the equator, less influencial and wealthy Andalite familys living closer to the poles. The closer you are to the poles, the less nice the Scoops and buildings will be.

The closest things to cities on Andal are three massive space ports. In orbit there are over a dozen more large space stations and shipyards.



Visser Kafit Bird by Monster Man 08

A Kafit bird from Andal.

Andal possessess a fairly diverse plant kingdom and a small anamal kingdom.

Visser Mardrut by Monster Man 08

A Mardrut, a creature from the M class moon of Andal

Animorphs Andalite Neighbors by Monster Man 08

A Kafit bird, a Hoober, and a stone age predator from Andal.