Elfangor, an Andalite Prince, and a Scout ship in the background.

Species Overview

Homeworld: Andal.

Home system: Alar.

Home galaxy: Milky Way.

Current population: 78,562,823.

Primary language: Thought speak.

Fur/skin tone: Blue/tan males, deep purple-females.

Major planets: Andal, Jerashoul, Geroff, Corassia, Gershoul.

Affiliation: Andalites, Humans, Leerans, Protectorate species.

Current status: Thriving major Galactic power.


The Andalites are one of the older races in the galaxy. (I am not sure yet, but they may have around 59,000 years of recorded history) They have had F.T.l for around five millenia and their Ships are very advanced. They love open spaces and have an almost inhertent case of claustraphobia. This is the main reason why cities didn't last long on their world, due to the enclosed nature of cities. Andalite familys live in small to large mostly open dwellings called Scoops, the size of the land portion owned by a family varys. The Scoops are arranged around a central outpost. Outposts are used as places for gatherings, meetings, trade, and in some cases education or training. They are commenally equipped with transmitters, shield generators, ground to ground and orbit weaponry, armories, gardens and open areas for trade or education. The only thing close to true cities on the Andalite homeworld are three huge spaceports.

Andalites have been space capable for millenia, and have generally good relationships with other races. There are exceptions to this however. For example, the Andalites don't allow the Leerans on their homeworld, due to the psychic nature of the Leeran species. They nearly wiped out the Hork-Bajir as well so the Yeerks wouldn't be able to use them as a host species. They also seem to be in a cold war with the Skrit Na. The Andalites are also believed to have wiped out the Five, though the details of this event aren't entirely clear. However, they have been known to use the art of diplomacy when it is warented, as they did with the Kelbrid.

The Andalites also have very advanced technology, and they seem to believe that they are the most advanced race in the galaxy. That is not true of course, as they are not the oldest science orientated race in the MW, but the Andalites do have some of the most amazing technology out there, their most famous is the morphing technology. There was even a time when they shared their techology with other, less advance species, but this back fired when Prince Seerow unleashed the Yeerks into the Milky Way Galaxy.

The Andalite-Yeerk War

The Andalite-Yeerk War began on after Prince Seerow gave the Yeerks the technology to become space worthy. The War began in Earth year 1966, when four hundred Yeerks massacred several Andalites, and stole their ships. The Yeerks conquerd several races, including the Hork-Bajir, Taxxons, Ssstram, Mak, Garatons, Orff, and invaded many others. The Andalites technlogy and tactics have kept them in the fight, and they did save many races{such as the Leerans}, but failed just as many, and the war seem to go in the Yeerks favor for most of the War. It wasn't until the invasion of Earth it seem that the war began to turn in the Andalites favor. This is due to Prince Elfangor breaking the law of Seerow's Kindness and giving five teenage humans the power to morph. The war seemed to end three years after that when these Animorphs and their allys took the pool ship. The Andalite fleet arrived and secured the planet. The battle for Earth seem to be a turning point in the war, but many outposts and hundreds of ships were still in the possession of the empire. The Yeerk empire was weakened however, and spent much time reinforcing their planets and territorys, but that also allowed the Andalites, Anati, and several other species to prepare for further conflict. It's also possible that the humans joined the fight against the Yeerks, do to the advances they gain after the Yeerk invasion.


The Andalite technology is amazing, especially their military technology. They seem to have several types of warships, including fighters, assault ships, transports and cruisers. However, their most famous is their Dome Ship class. Dome Ships seem to be a commbination of battleship, carrier, and troop transport. They are so powerful, that one seems to be all that is need for a battle, though it's not unheard of for two or three to be sent out at a time.

For ground assaults, they use Shredders, a type of energy weapon used in combat, like a Yeerk Dracon. They also use vehicles called ground skimmers, though little is known about them.

But it seems that the Andalite most impressive and prideful technological creation was the Escafil device, or the morphing cube, which allows them to accuiar the DNA of a species, and morph that species. While all Andalite warriors have this ability, but only a handful use it. It is mainly used in the intelligence services. Some Andalites can't even use the technology because they are allergic to it. The cube can also be used by human and Yeerks, and possibly by other species as well.


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An Andalite male in his prime.

Andalites are quadredpeds, witch make them very fast compared to humans. They also have a humanoid upper body, witch has two arms, which are much weaker then human arms, but can still handle a weapon. Andalites also have four eyes, two on their face, and two stalk eyes on top of their heads, which gives them 360 degree vision. Due to commuicating through thought speach, Andalites have no mouths, only a four slited nose. They eat, instead through their hooves, absorbing nutreants through them. The downside is that they have no sense of taste. So if an Andalite morphs something that can taste, it will usally caused the Andalite to be overwhelm with the sensation. They possess a powerful tail that has a blade on the end that can cut steel when swung hard. The tail can move faster then a Human eye can track.