Visser Inferno Beast by Monster Man 08

Crayaks new foot soldiers.

Species Overview

Homeworld: Krelliak

Home system: Zrayk

Home galaxy: Unknown

Current population: Unknown

Primary langauge: Mind speak, Galard, others.

Major planets: Unknown

Affiliation: Death Screamers, Howlers , Crayak

Current status: Alive


After the Animorphs turned most of the Howler race soft, Crayak had no choice but to destroy the contaminated Howlers, which was all the Howlers in that galaxy. With most of his corporial forces gone or far away and the Howlers weakness having been exposed, he began work on a new race of super soldiers. They are still experimental, but look promising. He calls them Death Screamers. The Animorphs Elite force is searching for the lab were they are being developed, but it is unknown even if they are even being developed in the MW.


To sum it up, deadly. They are like the Howlers but they have been enhanced in every way. The share battle experiance but Crayak has made adjustments to the psychic network and the minds of his new soldiers to help limet any damage if the Animorphs or others tryed the stratagy that contaminated the Howlers.

Added abilitys inlcude.

Enhanced reflexes and strength.

Harder, tensile natural armor resistant to cutting forces.

Slightly faster regeneration, which adds on to the effectiveness of their armor.

Adjustible howl.

Flame attack, the Death Screamers can direct their intense body heat as a natural weapon.

Intense heat aura, capable of heating up to a point were it can incinerate organic beings like Andalites.