Weapons, buildings, ships, and stations must be made of something. This page lists the differant materials of the Animorphs universe and provides links to their pages.

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Real MaterialsEdit


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Polymer can refer to several different things, but a loose defination is a large molecule (A Macromolecule) composed of repeating structural units. These subunits are usually bonded with covenlent atomic bonds.


One of the rarer metals in the Platinum family. Rhodium detectors are used in nuclear reactors to measure the neutron flux level. The primary use of this element by primitive races is in automobiles as a catalytic converter, which changes harmful emissions from the internal combustion engine into less polluting gases.



A metal in the Platinum group. It is a minor component of Platinum ores. Ruthenium is a fission product of uranium-235. Each kilo of fission products contains significant amounts of the lighter platinum group metals and also ruthenium. Used nuclear fuel might be a possible source for ruthenium. The complicated extraction is expensive and the also present radioactive isotopes of ruthenium would make a storage for several half-lives of the decaying isotopes necessary. This makes this source of ruthenium unattractive and no large-scale extraction is started by most species.

There are only a few alloys used other than with elements of the platinum group metals. Ruthenium is always used in small quantities in those alloys to improve certain properties of the alloys. One example is the use of small amounts of ruthenium to increase the stability of gold in jewelry.


A Silver bullion


Steel is a general term. There are dozens of differant steel alloys. The most widely known are probably Carbon steel and Inox steel, also called Stainless steel. Carbon steel is made by mixing Carbon with Iron, in .30%- 2.0% quantitys. Stainless Steel is made by alloying Chromium with Iron, 10.5%-11% Chromium is present in Inox steel. It forms a corrosion resistant layer over the Iron. Steel alloys are considered quite primitive by just about any race that has F.T.L, because without sunstantial reeforcement, steel alloy crunchs under the inertia of such acceleration, even at sublight speeds proceding to hundreds of miles per second it is worthless.



A light, weak metal used in making bronze.


A lightweight alloy of differant steels. It is also more corrosion resistant and stronger then most steel alloys. Advanced titanium alloy is used by less advanced space faring civilizations.


Tungsten is a tough, heat resistant metal, rated 9 hardness on a Human scail, with diamond being 10. It is used in heavy duty drill bits, light bulb filiments, and x-ray tubes. It is also used in primitive "super alloys".


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Fictional MaterialsEdit


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A non radioactive mineral that can be used in various power sources or explosive weapons. It is far more commen then its cousin, Rubium, but it is less potent and does not last nearly as long.


Also called Plasteel or Plastium. Plaranium weighs about as much as light plastic, but is 30x stronger then Steel. Plaranium is commenly used in hulls of fighters and shuttles, and in small portable devices.


A strong, dense material used in building the hulls of freighters and cargo ships. It can rust, but it is resistant. Not to be confused with tritium.


Even stronger then Tiridium and rust proof. It is commenly used in higher quality hulls and warship hulls. Berinium is one metal well worth the expense of shipping. Berinium polycarbide is used in Coranzat battle chassis.


An advanced form of polymer, they have supperior tensile/compressive strength and heat resistance. Many races use Polycarbide based materials in their hulls, such as the Coranzat. Polycarbides can be made from many materials. Polycarbides based on metals like Berinium or Aratone are extremely strong.


A valuble metal that possessess a moleculer structure that can be easily realined useing differant energy currents to become transparent or opaque, and change shapes. Many races use alloys or composites with Ramonite in them. It is very commenly used in view ports, and is dense enough to help block radiation. It is crucial in the construction of the Dome part of an Andalite Domeship.


A radioactive, fissile element used in advanced power sources and W.O.M.D's. Rubium,(The human name for it.) once processed, is quite stable, but in its raw ore form it can explode if hit by a discharge of directed energy. Processed Rubium is quite valuble on any market in the Milky Way. Rubium is sometimes found in planetary cores, and many races developed core mining technology just to acquire the Rubium presant there. Rubium is more dangerous and less commen then Dalerite, but more potent as well. Rubium has a very large nucleus held together by exotic particle bonds.

Humans named the mineral after an energetic mineral in the MMORG Runescape.


A Super dense very strong metal. One of its most well known capabilities is its resistance to heat based energy. Base Aratone alloys are 300x stronger then Carbon Steel. It used for making armor and the hulls of large ships, such as Dome ships.


An offshoot of Osmium, it is stronger, denser and has supperior radiation blocking capacity.

Super MaterialsEdit


An offshoot of neutronium. Ferishite is a lighter but less strong metal used in heavy hull construction and armor. It is quite resistant to heat and molecular disruption. Small amounts of Ferishite is used in creating Chee androids. It completely plates the super sophisticated brain computer of each android, and other key sections.


A hyper dense material. Pure neutronium from a neutron star is far too dense to be used in hull construction without serious gravitaional nulling technology. A sugar cube sized piece of it would weigh 10 billion tons on Earth. The technology to uncompress that Neutronium into a usable material is beyond most species technologys.

Neutronium found on planets however, is still very strong but far less dense. Neutronium is used in powerful armor and long lasting devices that are expected to endure great strain over their lifetime, like R.Z.T.D's.

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