The Hork'Bajir homeworld.

Homeworld to the Arn and Hork'Bajir. 10,000 B.C it was hit by an asteroid. The Arn had managed to construct primitve sublight ships equiped with cryogenic pods and hide on one of the planets moons. When they awoke, they found a devistated planet. They repaired the eco-system as best they could, and created the Hork'Bajir to "herd" the trees and keep the system in balance. The dwelled in the lower regions, and the Hork'Bajir lived in the trees. The Arn created hundreds of powerful genetic nightmares to keep the Hork'Bajir out of the lower regions.

Images (11)

A male(left) and female(right) Hork-Bajir admire "Mother sky" and the Moons.

Animorphs Races Jubba Jubba by Monster Man 08

A Jubba Jubba

Animorphs Races Gorks by Monster Man 08

A Gork/Gorks

Visser Lerdethak by Monster Man 08

A Lerdethak

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