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An illustration of what Kctoionas may look like when inactive.

Species Overview

Homeworld: Kctolaria

Home system: Kerlak

Home galaxy: Milky Way

Current population: Unknown

Primary language: Telepathy

Major planets: Kctolaria

Affiliation: Kctoionas

Current status: Alive, possably thriving, details unknown.


An ancient race. They were exploring this galaxy and its surrounding star clusters hundreds of millions of Earth years before the Ketrans were wiped out by the Capasins. Its rumored they have explored other galaxys as well.

It is entirely possible that the Kctoionas were the first sentients to develop in this galaxy. They fought off a Howler invasion twice, and damaged Crayaks planet ship.

They originate from a world very close to the galactic core. The intense radiation destroyed the possibility of organic life on Kctolaria, but it also led to the development of differant crystal lifeforms including the Kctoionas.


The Kctoionas are beings of super strong bio-morphic crystal and differant forms of energy stored within the crystal. The crystal is highly absorbant to many energy types, including directed energy weapons. It takes a fighters firepower to effect a standered Kctoionas individual, but they vary in size greatly. They are highly telepathic and telekinetic.

They are also uneffected by a Howlers howl.