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A male Ongachic (left) and a female Ongachic (right)

Species Overview

Homeworld: Onganchia.

Home system: Ongachun.

Home galaxy: Milky Way.

Current population: Millions.

Primary language: Gallard.

Fur/skin tone: Hard brown, rust, or red.

Major planets: Non.

Affiliation: Ongachics.

Current status: Alive.


The Ongachic world was destroyed millenia ago from an impact with another planetary body. They had known of the approaching disaster for years, and had been building hundreds of ships which they used to escape. They now live as a massive tribe of space nomads. They are spread throughout the entire galaxy. They are traders, merchants, prospectors, minstrels, explorers, and occasionaly, but uncommonly, pirates. Ongachic space charts are highly valued for their scope, accuracy, and detail.