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Prehistoric Rakkam Garroo in the forest.

Species Overview

Homeworld: Rakklar

Home system: Rakkam

Home galaxy: Milky way

Current population: 45,678,234.

Primary language: Rakgarroo

Fur/Skin tone: Brown, grey or red fur.

Major planets: Rakklar, Garroo, Sivtari, Vintralk.

Affiliation: Rakkam-Garroo

Current status: Inactive threat


Rakkam Garroo records of civilization begin roughly around 10,500 B.C., although there are cave drawings dating back 500,000 B.C. The Rakkam Garroo were like Humans, minimal natural weapons, few instincts. They relied more on learning to guide their actions, and learn they did.

Early historyEdit

The Rakkam Garroo were tool users. They would use sticks to dig up insects, and rocks to crush nuts and knock fruit from high branches. They wanderd about in small to medium sized bands of 10-30 members, led by the strongest male and female. The band would protect each other from the powerful predators of Rakklar, and share food and water.

The Rakkam Garroo hunted only as a staple, or when plant food was scarce. They used sharpened hardwood sticks, sometimes dipped in a toxic fungus mash. Flint and obsidian tipped spears and axe's quickly bacame popular when they learned how to shape minerals. At this time, the average size of RG bands was between 40-80 members.

Copper was the first metal smelted by the RG, accidently. Then melted Tin was thrown into the mix, unknowingly. The Copper ore had Tin mixed in, and thus Bronze was discoverd. This new alloy proved to be far supperior to the Stone, Glass and Copper weapons previously used for hunting and defence against other bands of RG. The accidental discovery of metal started the begining of the RG mettalurgy society, although it was not called that for several millenia.

Tribes that had access to Tin and/or Copper quickly became dominant.

Those tribes swiftly expanded their dominion, growing greatly, now the average size of a Band was between 70-150. They would divide into several Bands, but all hose Bands were led my one all high alpha male, who led the biggest Band of RG. Wars between the large bands became commen.

The large Bands then formed perminant settlements, when basic agriculture was discovered. Soon, populations of 300-500 were not uncommen, with the largest developing into cities of 1000+ RG.

Middle historyEdit

Late historyEdit

The Rakkam Garroo lived in an area closer to the galactic edge then the Andalites or Hawjabrans. As of such, their systems were comparitively resource poor, and they used military expansion and plundering to boost their economy. The construction of their "galactic conquest" fleet and the training of three million soldiers put the RG goverment in heavy debt, which was supposed to be countered by the riches of conquest. But the Andalites defeated them, and then their economic system crashed. It has taken many years for it to recover. The Andalites kept them scavanging the edges of the MW for over a century.

Modern historyEdit

With the Andalites main attention turned toards the Yeerk empire, the RG took advantage of the situation and began a rebuilding of their fleets and armys. Galactic conquest is no longer among their imediate goals, right now they simply want to become a major power again. The build up is slow however, hampered by the lack of large resource deposites and a weaker economy. They supplement their work force with slave labor.


The RG are a primate species, although smaller ones spend alot of time in trees, most full growns have trouble climbing as quickly and moving as fast. They are 5-7x stronger then a Human male, and have dense bones and thick leathery skin. They are incapable of swimming. They possess sharp, 3 inch to 4 inch fangs in powerful jaws, but besides their teeth and strength they possess no natural weapons. Their brain is their most impressive organ, like in Humans.

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