The Andalites are among the most advanced races of the Milkyway galaxy, they posses a number of advanced technologys, and they believe that only they have the power to defeat the numerous Yeerk fleet.

Andalite TechnologyEdit

Power sourcesEdit

Andalite fusion/fission coreEdit

Few modern Andalite vessels and stations are powerd by the fusion core any longer, as they have been replaced by more sophisticated sources of energy. The became more advanced as years progressed. The best Andalite fusion cores used a heavy element not found in the Sol system (Earths system) called Rubium in their fission reactors, combined with tritium/deuterium to produce a sustained, controlled fusion reaction. They produced large amounts of radiation, and could cause problems if the shielding around the core was damaged.

Andalite energy crystal coreEdit

Energy crystals are remarkable. They not only store large amounts of energy within their lattice structure, gatherd from various sources, but when exposed to a specially modulated partical beam, the beam acts as a catalyst and causes the crystal to produce energy in surplus of what the beam costs, via the crystal somehow drawing on zero point background energy.The Andalite crystal core is the commenly used power source of the Andalite people, they are readily recharged and produce pure, clean energy. They are also safe, they are much more stable then any fusion or m/a based power source, if not always as potent. Without the catalyst beam however, they are generally inferior. They are susceptible to stress, and if the crystal cracks it can seriously drain you of much needed energy. The crystals large enough to power a ship are also hard to come by, being comparitively rare.

Andalite ion coreEdit

Among the most advanced power sources created by the Andalite people, it is highly classified. What we suspect is that is uses a highly charged accelerated modulated beam based on multi polarized exotic energy particals on a heavy element, possably Dalerite or Rubium, to produce a reaction that fissions the atoms into large amounts of charged (ionic) energy. What we do know is that unlike a fission or fusion reactor the ion core produces minimal radiation and is more stable then ether, and more stable then m/a reactors. The matter to energy conversion is very efficient, there is minimal waste left over from the conversion, resulting in maximum produced energy from whatever matial is in the reactor. In summery, an super advanced fision reactor.

Zero space energy capacitor(Niling D-sink)Edit

Experimental, referred to as "Niling D-sinks" by Humans, they are optimum energy sources for large, immediate power requirements on vessels. They are formed and kept in physical containment devices that can be transported and installed. They are charged from larger, bulkier power sources over periods of time. This is often called "refualing".



Gravity repulsorsEdit

These function on similer principles to tractor beam technology, they use inverted or extraverted gravity waves for thrust and maneuvering.

Ion drivesEdit

Andalite ion drives use highly charged, compressed and accelerated ion particles channeled from the main power core to provide high level propulsion. F.T.L The Andalites discovered many hundred years ago the Z-Space non dimension (Zero-Space). It is a kind of anti-space, in which faster-than-light travel is possible. The ships have to jump between Z-Space and normal space for that. To accomplish this, Andalite ships are equiped with Zero space engines. The Zero space engines produce a high intensity gravitaional field that opens a "window" into Z-space.


Andalite zero space driveEdit

An advanced technology that allows a ship to open a window to Z-space, the non dimension were faster then light travel is possible. It allows Andalite ships to get places thousands to tens of thousands of times faster then the speed of light i vacuum.(C)

Andalite rapid zero space transit drive(R.Z.T.D)Edit

It allows the overloading of the Z-space drives to better manipulate/navigate the relative curviture of the universe in comparisin to non dimension. Ships useing this technology tax the drives and power systems phenomenally, but the ship can get places around 10x faster then normal Z-space technology.


Andalite Reflection shieldingEdit

Andalite defence shields are compossed of multiple layers of charged particals and energy. Each layer is capable of modulating to be as effective as possible against weapons fire or another negative effect. The modulation rate is faster then the shields of many other species, and is usually controlled by Andalite computers. The charged particals are very efficient at reflecting directed energy weapons damage away from the shield, decreasing the amount of energy the shield has to absorb. The reflection sends the energy in the same direction as it came from, and is less random the a deflection. The reflection is rarely strong enough to reach the fireing ship, however this can and does happen on occasion when the attacking ship is close enough and not moving too fast.

Andalite radar shieldEdit

A low power dampening field that covers the outer hull or sits just rite above it, its purpose is to absorb radar signals. This makes the ship completely imune to radar or sonar. The radar shield recquires mimimal energy to sustain, and is only shut down in extreme casses or if the array is too damaged to continue generating the field.

Andalite cloaking arrayEdit

The cloaking array produces a energy field that bends all light photons around it making it invisible to any eye based on light absorbtion and reflection. The cloak also bends sensor signals, which makes the ship virtually undetectable to most sensors and scanners. The cloak is not fool proof however, ships under cloak need to keep energy emissions to a minimum, and active scans increase the likely hood of being detected, so Andalites under cloak tend to conduct passive scans only. Small, personal sized cloaking devices are available to Andalite operatives.


Crystaline compositeEdit

The Andalites build their hulls from a synthesised crystal based off the atomic structure of energy crystals, giving it the ability to absorb and conduct energy, not to the extent of an energy crystal, but the composite is at least many dozens of times stronger then any energy crystal. This crystaline composite is commenly used in Andalite ships, stations, facilitys, and high quality expendable weaponry.

Sintho fibreEdit


Energy weaponsEdit

Shredder beamEdit

The Shredder beam is the bread and butter of the Andalite military. It is the most commenly used directed energy weapon of the Andalites, and has been for many years. The Shredder has been altered and improved since the Yeerks got a hold of basic Shredder technology, but the base principles remain the same. The current Shredder beam is a concentrated discharge of ionized Derison particals, a high energy partical. They disrupt covelent molecular bonds, disentigrating the target matter. They are kept in a coherent beam with a containmeant field. Shredder beams are damaging to differant types of shield. They are focused using hard gem stones cut into specific shapes, or hard crystals, like depleted energy crystals or Delrite crystals.

Hand sized and rifle sized versions of the Shredder are available.

Q-partical beam(experimental)Edit

A beam weapon that realeases a highly energetic Zero point energy beam. The beam has been highly effective all the differant types of shield that it has been used against in the test zone, pirceing through many. It accomplishes this because of its super focused energetic nature, which acts like an armor pirceing bullet to a shield, and because of the many chaotic fluctuations contained within the beam, it is difficult to modulate against. An accidental overload of the Q-beam weapon cut the moon of the research planet in half. Development continues, and is highly classfied.

Ballistic weaponsEdit

Hyper accelerated projectile cannonEdit

This weapon was inspired by Human fire arms. It fires a Kumquat to tissue box sized projectile of a composite at speeds ranging from 50%C to 70%C. The projectiles are accelerated useing super charged compressed magnetic coils to shoot them down the barrel of the weapon. A liquid gas cooling system and Z-space heat sink keeps the weapon from overheating. The energy absorbant projectile, made from a Rodium/Corite/Aratone composite can cut through many primitve shields, and it is capable of riping through all but the hardest hulls. Neutronium plating stopped one of these projectiles. It is not wildly used throughout the Andalite fleet, as shredder beams are better in almost all cases, and do not run out of shots. It was primarily designed as a defence against the energy absorbing "living asteroids" seen in the book Andalite chronicles. Written by K.A Applegate. Some Andalite ships are equiped with mini HAPC's that excell at shooting down fighters and missles.

Ionic dispersion explosivesEdit

Ionic dispersion explosives produce an unstable uncontrolled Rubium reaction that causes the release of massive amounts of ionized energy. The natural repulsive force of having the same charge increases the blast radius. Not only is the energy damaging, but the ions can disrupt scans, sensors, and communications. Grenade sized versions of these weapons are still used throughout the Andalite ground forces.

Quantum explosivesEdit

The Quantum explosive has mostly replaced the Ionic dispersion explosive as the bomb of choice for the Andalites. They derive there massive destructive potential from a uncontrolled Zero point energy release.

Further TechnologyEdit

Gleet Bio-filterEdit

A security technology put around entrances of buildings and ships. They scan life forms passing through, and if the life form is programmed not to be allowed in, it erects shields to contain it then destroys it using a specialy modulated particle wave. Currently it cannot destroy un authorized life forms inside of an allowed life form without harming the allowed life form.

Neural wave scannerEdit

A device that was invented as an add on to the Gleet bio-filter. It can process the brain wave patterns of life forms passing through and identify the life form or individual. It can be programmed not to allow certan people through or only one person ect.

Hologram TechnologyEdit

Andalite holograms are often combined with force fields to produce realistic illusions.

Tractor beams Edit

The tractor beams, or holding beams, of Andalite vessels use inverted gravity waves to hold objects, or they can be switched to repulse mode, which can deflect objects.


The teleportation system is one of the more recently developed Andalite technologys. It involves taking matter and shifting it through Z-space to a new real space location useing a combination of an off shoot of Z-space window technology and Z-space shift technology. Some shields and e.w systems can block/scamble teleporters.

Morphing TechnologyEdit

The Andalite Morphing Technology is a very advanced technology that allows a lifeform with the ability to acquire the DNA of any animal and to physically turn into that creature.