Some members of the Conglomeration have been cruising the stars for two millenia. The Conglomeration is advanced, just as advanced as the Yeerk empire, more so in a few areas. They are still behind the Andalites in just about every field, with the exception of computer technology, in which they are equal. They sell lesser versions of their devices to other races, or make sure their more advanced technology the sell is protected from attempts at backwards engineering, often they will "booby trap" advanced devices they sell to prevent other races from figuring them out and building their own.


Power SourcesEdit

Crystal cellEdit

Conlgomeration power coreEdit



Ion drive

The Conglomerations ion drive uses radiply ejected ions that have been hyper accelerated using magnetics to propel larger ships.





A hand held particle beam weapon

Particle beamEdit

The particle weapons of the Conglomeration fire streams of xelion particles, a high energy particle. They can stun, burn, or disrupt covelent molecular bonds, leaving behind only stray atoms. They operate by streaming electrical energy through a special type of  crystal causing it emit a blue stream of xelion particles towards the target. Hand held weapons have a power output of 1-4KJ per stream, fighter based weapons are in the 1-8MJ range, anything higher is considered a ship based weapon due to the power requirements involved. Large ship based cannons often fire streams/bolts in the 5 to 8 megawatt range. Hand held weapons have a range of about 150M, fighter based weapons about 10,000KM, and ship cannon about 100,000KM.

Repulsor missileEdit

The repulsor missile is in high demand by many lesser species at war with each other. It possessess a wave dispersal gravitic warhead. When it detonates, it realeases waves of gravity, which can repel ships and fighters or shuttles away, detonate or repel other missiles, and cause a fair amount damage to vessels with primitive or weakened shielding.

Ion missileEdit

The main weapon used by Conglomeration military ships. It is uncommen for one to be sold to other races, because the Conglomeration likes to have an advantage. Ion missiles sold are "booby trapped" against tamporing. The ion warheads on these missiles realease highly charged ion energy from powdered ionite ore combined with some standard explosives. The blast disperses the powdered ionite particles over a wide area and these particles cause havoc with any electrical systems they come in contact with.

Further TechnologyEdit

Tractor beamsEdit


Currently very limited in range, scope and teleport options, they are used for moving mass amounts of raw materials, such as ore or refined metal.