The Andalite galactic museum was built on a planet known as Gallerof, a class M world that has one of the Andalites largest colonies. The museum is over a millenia old, and used to be an alien outpost. The museums purpose is the education of various species about the history of the galaxy.

The museums collection includes artifacts, (statues, pottery, carvings, jewlry, tablets, ect) Works of art, (paintings, carvings, statues, music, including recorded thought music.) ships, (Capasin, The five, unknown ships, and the first Andalite Z-space vessel, the Pelashar. ) and a massive computer data base containing all kinds of information.

The museum was established and is owned by the Sirinal famly. It is supported by the various wealthy familys of Andal and Gershoul, and from donations made by alien races.

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