They are not one species, but instead a collection of about over a half dozen races, rumored among them is the Iskoort race. The Conglomeration is an organization whos primary goal is industrial expansion and profit through mining, agriculture, trade, and the selling of technologys, including weaponry. Sergeant Bernelli, a member of the Animorphs elite force, likened them to the Ferengi of Star trek-TNG or DS-9, but they are far more militaristic and tactical in their actions. They have had conflicts with the Andalite people in the past because of their expansionism and willingness of some Conglomeration members to exploit less advanced races. They operate close to the galactic core, on the opposite side of Andalite space then the Yeerk empire. Since systems in the galactic core is rich is resources, they are a powerful economic force despite cotrolling a small area of space. They compete with the Hawjabrans for trade and contracts.